All Animation CSS3


All animation is available in NPM, so you can download it by just doing an npm install all-animation or yarn add all-animation

Ways of importing

Currently there are 2 ways of importing All Animation in your app. Let's take a look bellow how to do it and which one would be more appropriated to your project.

Importing via CSS

The first one we have already seen in the get started page, which is by linking the css directly in your head tag:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="yourpath/all-animation.min.css" />

This is good for projects which does not support any scss markup, othercase, we recommend you to import it by using scss imports -- See bellow.

Importing via SCSS

The second one is importing the SCSS file, in this case we assume your application is already using a scss pre-processor. So in the main scss file of your application, you can import the All Animation scss file:

// In your main scss file
@import "../node_modules/all-animation/scss/main"

In this way you're importing all the animations from All Animation, but in most of the cases you might not want to import all of them, since you might not are going to use it.

That's why we also allow you to import specific animations, and it's very straight forward, in you main scss file, you first need to import all the configuration that is needed for making All Animation library work, and them you can import the animation which you want:

// Core all-animation dependencies, like variables and mixins
@import "../node_modules/all-animation/scss/config/_config";
// The specific animation which you want to use
// in this case "a-bomb"
@import "../node_modules/all-animation/scss/modules/bomb/bomb"

And vualá! Now you are able to use the bomb animation from All Animation library 🤩

How to use it

After the library is properly linked, its very simple to use it, you just need to add the All Animation class and your element will be animated, eg:

<div class="hey">This guy is going to be animated</div>
<button>Animte NOOOOW</button>
// Attach the click event on the button
document.querySelector("button").addEventListener('click', () => {
// Adds the a-bomb class on our "hey" element

This example on top, is adding an animation on our div element when the user clicks on our button.

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